Ask Why!

Critical thinkers have played a key role in the progress of humankind, combating ignorance, superstition, prejudices, myths, dogmas and injustice. Today, critical thinkers are needed more than ever to tackle the same old challenges from the past, but in a new context, heavily influenced by new technologies. Manipulation, misinformation and surveillance are more common and widespread nowadays thanks to the internet, social media and artificial intelligence.

Fortunately, there is cause for optimism, because critical thinking is a skill that can be taught and trained. This is the goal of this book: to inspire the youngest generations to think more critically, to be more curious and to keep questioning injustices and the status quo.


Marc Gascón is an economist, historian and writer. He has dedicated the last two decades to managing international projects for global corporations. He has learnt from his professional experience that critical thinking is one of the most important and crucial soft skills to succeed in business and in many other areas in life.

Eduard Altarriba has been working for 20 years in the field of graphic design and illustration, and for some years he has been working alongside his partner Meli in their company Alababalà, a small, independent studio. Based in Moià, a town near Barcelona, Alababalà is focused on offering editing services and creating publishing projects aimed at children, particularly non-fiction books such as My First Book of Quantum Physics, Discovering Architecture or What’s War.